Monochrome India

Vrindavan In Monochrome

Vrindavan In Monochrome or Radhe Radhe is a gallery of black and white photographs made during the week of Holi in Vrindavan, India. The gallery is perhaps an antithesis to the explosive colors of the Holi festival, and is of pilgrims, devotees and dwellers of this holy and sacred city…going along their daily routine. Whether the widows near their ashrams, the Bengali pilgrims bathing in the Yamuna river and drying their clothes, the Hare Krishna devotees on their daily yatra circling Vrindavan, elderly dwellers basking in the sun or the spiritual “guides” taking the hordes of pilgrims around its thousands of temples…these photographs depict what goes on in the holy city on a daily basis…even during Holi.

All Photographs © 2014 Tewfic El-Sawy. All text and images appearing on this web site are protected by United States and international copyright laws.

IMG_8119 copy
IMG_8000 copy
IMG_8054 copy
IMG_8197 copy
IMG_8260 copy
IMG_8061 copy
IMG_8212 copy


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